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Summer skinIt’s holiday season and the weather in the UK has been fantastic for a change!

But Maxine sees the longer-term effects on her clients from the sun or outdoor exposure. It really does age your skin and can look years older with a wrinkled, pigmented, damaged dull appearance.

WHY? We all feel great with a tan but is it worth it? NO!! HERE’S THE SCIENCE BIT….

Photo-damage to your skin is caused by UV (Ultra Violet) radiation in daylight.

These are invisible rays that are part of the energy that comes from the sun and can burn and cause skin cancer.

UV radiation is made up of 3 types of rays – UVA (ultraviolet A), UVB (ultraviolet B) and UVC (ultraviolet C)

On hot and sunny days, the biggest threat to your skin is UVB radiation. These are the rays that visibly burn/tan the skin. However, it is the daily UVA radiation that damages skin more, all year around EVEN ON CLOUDY DAYS.

The danger with UVA radiation is that it doesn’t burn or tan your skin, so you don’t see the visible damage as with UVB radiation (‘Burning Rays’). UVB is a shorter wave ultraviolet ray and UVA is a longer wave ultraviolet ray.

Therefore, UVA penetrates deeper into the dermis of the skin (it’s thickest layer) prematurely ageing the skin. It can damage the skins healthy cells and protein, break down natural defences, damage the DNA in the cells, causing cell death or leading to skin cancer, and affect your skins pigmentation causing brown patches and age spots.

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