Important advice when considering Lip Filler Enhancement

Recently aired on BBC Watchdog and highlighted in the media, are serious issues with ‘botched’ Lip Fillers.

Unfortunately, I am hearing and seeing a lot more of these reports, so I wanted to take this opportunity to give you some important advice and guidance to consider before having a lip filler treatment.

Always go to an experienced medical practitioner, either a Doctor, Dentist or Nurse.

Please ensure you meet them first for a consultation, this is so
important, as a consultation is where a medical questionnaire is completed and all the information you need to know is discussed. This includes being informed about the dermal filler that they would be using and the potential side effects and risks of the procedure. They will also be doing an assessment of your face and lips to discuss what your desired outcomes are and what can be achieved and offer post-procedure advice.

Please be extremely wary of cheap prices, beauty salons and someone offering to come and do the treatment at your home! And also non-medical practitioners. I am seeing daily, that when there is a problem, there is no, or poor aftercare offered which is frankly negligent.

I cannot stress enough how disastrous this can be if things go wrong. People can have serious problems from a botched treatment such as huge swelling and pain, skin breakdown, the death of tissue, blocking of arteries and even potential blindness!

So once again before you put your precious lips and your health into someone else’s hands these are the important checks you must make before having a treatment!

  • Go to an EXPERIENCED medical practitioner – Doctor, Nurse or Dentist.
  • Attend a consultation before deciding on the treatment.
  • Learn about what filler they are using and potential side effects and risks of the treatment itself.
  • Be aware of non-medical practitioner’s, cheap prices, beauty salons and home visits.

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