The dangers of shopping around for the cheapest price

A common mistake people make in facial cosmetic procedures – Shopping around for cheapest price.

Unfortunately I get calls most days where the customer only wants to know how much I charge. When I ask, they don’t seem interested about my experience and knowledge, what products I use, the time I spend with my clients, the procedure and aftercare involved.

It can be tempting going for bargain deals, however this is your face and safety is paramount. It is increasingly frowned upon to offer non-surgical treatments (as well as cosmetic surgery) for competition winners, ‘shares and like to win on Facebook’, discounts, expiry dates on offers.

This is viewed as incentives/pressurising -which should not force a decision. Also, for these ‘cut-price’ deals – which products are on offer – cheap dermal fillers or unregulated ‘botox’ have been used to cut costs.

Small amounts of the products can be injected to keep prices down.

I have heard on a few occasions that the client has noticed no difference afterwards so it is actually a waste of money.

Also there are increasing numbers of newly qualified non-medical practitioners offering these treatments. With limited aesthetic experience or medical knowledge.

I have been told by clients that come to me, when they met the previous practitioner, there was no detailed consultation/facial assessment or explanation of the procedure, what is being used and why, the risks and side effects, no medical or consent forms being signed and no photographs taken. Within 10 minutes of meeting, they are having the treatment.

Aftercare is often poor or non-existent, difficult to contact once your money has been taken.

I have been a qualified nurse for 25 years, and must adhere to my professional code of conduct. I am regulated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council and am a member of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN). I am an independent nurse prescriber – required for the face to face consultation then administration of prescription only medicines (POM’s) mostly Botulinum toxin Type A.

I offer a free consultation which is important to meet the customer prior to any treatment. To discuss your concerns and give you options available. Also to understand the procedures, risks, side effects and benefits. Future maintenance required. I advise changes in lifestyle, skincare and nutrition as this does have an impact on skin health. It’s important for me to know you are fully informed with realistic expectations before you make any decisions. I strive to ensure my clients are delighted with the results and if there are any issues I will endeavour to ensure satisfaction.

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