Clinic Re-opening, July 7th 2020

I’m so happy that my clinic doors will be back open from July 7th 2020. The Pandemic has been difficult, never known anything like it. I hope that you have been keeping safe and healthy.

It’s been great to go on long walks, I’m running regularly too! I have an allotment which had been neglected, and I am now growing all sorts of veg! The weather has been fantastic to help lift the spirits.

Business can’t resume as normal as I must use extra care to protect us. These new guidelines include enhanced infection control and health and safety measures. For safety reasons, I can only offer ‘Botulinum Toxin’ 1-3 areas (as you will be required to wear a face mask). Dermal Fillers and Profhilo are being put on hold for a month or two. Any consultations or reviews will be offered via video call to avoid unnecessary clinic visits. I think we are used to these since Lockdown!

I have been contacting clients on the priority list first (ones I had to cancel), so the availability is now from July 15th – please call me on 07969 199468 Or 0121 769 2269 or email

I will also be speaking to all my clients by telephone prior to their appointment, there will be a health questionnaire to complete, I will also discuss the adaptations to expect on your visit. It may not be possible to honour your appointment, but i do need to put your safety first!

Extra caution/concerns with my patients are those with Heart, Respiratory, Liver or Kidney Disease and also the following;

  • Diabetes
  • Immunodeficiency conditions.
  • Currently being treated for cancer
  • Obesity
  • Age 65 or over
  • Ethnicity
  • Any patient that has been advised to shield at home
  • Any seasonal allergies which cause spontaneous coughing or sneezing

NEW CLINIC STRUCTURE – Please bear with me, this is the recommended procedure for the time being. I promise that I will still be my usual self, looking forward to seeing you and offering the best customer experience and results!

  • Please attend the appointment alone.
  • Wear no face make up (foundation) and hair tied back.
  • Please bring a face mask to wear. (If unable to, I will provide)
  • No shopping bags, bring the least possible with you.
  • Please ensure you have been to the toilet before arrival, best not to use the facilities in the building unless necessary. (Although they will be cleaned regularly)
  • Unfortunately, contact time has to be kept to a minimum, so we have to concentrate on the treatment, not much time for general chit-chat! (Maybe a little!)
  • Please pay on a card or bank transfer only – no cash.
  • Please wait in your car or outside until I have texted/called you its clear to enter.
  • I have allocated extra gaps between clients to avoid cross-over, but there are other practitioners in the building with clients.
  • When ok to enter – come straight upstairs, do not touch the bannister, the top door will be open.
  • There is a new automatic hand sanitiser at the top of the stairs.
  • If you come across another person, there are points to wait at the top of the stairs, the lobby area in the main toilet, and the side of the waiting room, or wait back outside for them to exit via the stairs.
  • Come straight to my clinic room, do not sit in the waiting area, try not to touch anything on your way in, if so – do not touch your face with your hands.
  • I will invite you to wash your hands.
  • I am going to be in scrubs, with safety glasses, mask and gloves, please don’t be alarmed by this, it’s the new procedure.
  • I will be checking your temperature with a non-touch thermometer.
  • Please be reassured that in between patients, I will be taking extra time to thoroughly clean the room.

We have also invested in an anti-COVID Spray treatment that is used on our floor for deep clean once a week, so if you do touch anything on entry to the building, the spray eliminates COVID/deters it and keeps sanitised for 7 days.

Once again I am really looking forward to seeing you all very soon!




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